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How to block your own WIFI

I recently did a lot of construction work at my home to improve my living standards. I planned out everything in excruciating detail, unfortunately I didn’t thought¬†about my wireless wifi. Which is now a lot worse than it was before. Read on if you want to know what I did wrong and how to avoid my mistakes.

Before I started working
  • My router was in the open (not in a closet)
  • My desk was one room above my rooter and there was only a wooden ceiling and an OSB floor in between.
After my fix-up job
  • My router was in a closet. And the closet panels were made of MDF
  • My desk was in a room which was further away from the router, and I added floor isolation and layer of parquet.

After this, I noticed a significant drop in my internet’s speed and responsiveness. Before, I could easily play an online game, but now¬†I get dropped constantly because of my slow connection.

What did I do wrong.

First, the placement of the router. It was downstairs in the living room, and it was ugly. So I needed to place it in a closet. Which is like putting an extra wall in front of the signal. And worst of all, I made the closet out of MDF, which has a high wifi blocking factor.

Then, I thickened the floor with two extra layers. and the isolating one has reflective materials inside it. Which is very positive if you want to retain heat, but it also blocks wifi.

With the recent heatwave, I noted that at the warmest moment (more than 30C), my wifi was constantly dropping out, this could also be due to the reciever, but still.

Possible solutions to unblock wifi

Since the MDF closet is the biggest problem, I could tear it down and build a new one. Or I could somehow put the router outside the closet. (but my cables are too short)

I could also pull a cable from the router to my desk, this does involve drilling holes into my house, which is something I rather avoid if possible.

I could also set up a wifi repeater, to broadcast the wifi from a different location, since I cannot change my routers location. But the original signal would still pass the MDF wall and thus, it will not be optimal.

Another solution is a wifi powerline extender which sends the wifi through the powerline. It comes with two adapters, you connect one with a wire to the router. and you put the other one in the room where you need wife. It recieves internet through the powerline and then broadcasts it.

I just ordered this and will update this post with its effectiveness.


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