I have been an app developer, a legacy banking software programmer, a maintenance engineer and a web developer. Then I got tired of it all and started travelling Europe in a van (with my wife and dog). After 6 months on the road I realized that traveling isn’t my thing. But programming is. Solving hard and difficult puzzles all day long is what keeps me going.

Thus, I started this blog, again. (I started demiankasier.be the first time 5 years ago, but it fizzled out) I will talk┬ámostly about web-based client-side technology (Javascript, HTML5 and CSS). I will also talk about being a healthy and fit desktop worker (Walking in the sun, go and meet friends, and other trivial activities that have absolutely nothing to do with improving your work, or do they…)

Next to being a programmer, I’m also married, I have a dog and cat, I love playing board games, I go climbing and bouldering every week, and my hobby is photography. I also like to travel, although I know that long time travel isn’t my thing (I’ve tried it).

I hope you enjoy what you read here and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Demian Kasier

This photo was taken in Tavira, Portugal