Month: September 2016

Setting up my new laptop

So, I’ve bought a new laptop (MSI GPTS 6QF Leopard Pro). I was looking for a high-end mobile desktop machine which was good fmsi-gp72-2qe-leopard-pro-gaming-laptopor coding and also for graphics processing. Hence I bought a gaming laptop, guaranteed to be fast and powerful for the next few years.


The box says  plug and play, and after some initial settings like timezone and region you can pretty much do whatever you want. But I want to transform this gaming rig into a solid developer machine, so I still had some work to do.

The basics

System restore point: My system works fine now, but in the future, I might install some piece of software or a virus that destabilizes my work environment. Creating restore points gives you a fallback. You can then return to the situation before the last piece of corrupting software was installed.

Here’s how for windows 10. It was turned off on my new laptop, so I turned system protection on, and reserved around 11gigs for restore points.

Windows updates I found out that my new rig was created and installed about 100 days before I bought it. So that’s 100 days off windows updates that I’m missing.

How to: Settings -> Update & security -> Windows update

Only 7 update packages. I was expecting more, but I guess that the ‘cumulative update’ package conceals a lot of it. It sure took it’s time downloading them all.

For developers This enables more third party install options, more network features and more diagnostics…For Developers

How to: Settings -> Update & security -> For developers

Unhide file extensions and hidden files Go to ‘file explorer -> view’. and then check the two boxes on.

  • file name extensions
  • hidden items

UnInstalling bloatware

I changed my mind, lets start by uninstalling all the bloatware first.

First, I removed bloatware through the normal ‘uninstall a program’ application

  • Magix photo manager
  • Magix music makes silver
  • Magix content and soundpool
  • Nahimic 2
  • WinZip 17.5
  • Norton Security (I think Norton is good, but It was only meant to work for 60 days, after which I had to pay, so bye bye Norton )
  • Norton online backup
  • Cyberlink PowerDVD

I decided to keep the software from MSI itself, since it is written to alter the specific hardware I’m working on.

Next up, is the bloatware from microsoft itself. I have a laptop, not a tablet, so all the fullscreen Microsoft store apps just have to go. It’s a real nuissance that you can’t uninstall them through the normal way, instead, you have to go through a list of all your applications, right click and select uninstall

  • 3D-builder
  • Get Started
  • Candy crush soda saga (why??)
  • Get Skype
  • Microsoft solitaire collection
  • Microsoft Wi-Fi (this is not the important wifi utility, but rather something useless)
  • Music Maker Jam
  • Money
  • News
  • Skype Video
  • Sports
  • Telephone Assistent
  • Twitter
  • Sway

Most of the above will never be used and some of them are actually trying to get me to buy something. Anyhow, they’re all gone now, never to be seen again.

Installing software


Edge: already installed by windows. I will not use this for personnal use, but it’s very handy for testing new websites
Chrome: My personal favorite
Firefox: As good as Chrome, also on my system for testing
Developer Firefox: Has the best tools for debugging and stuf

Small utilities

Keepass: You should use a different password for every application or website which you use. Most people don’t do that, but if you do, then Keepass is an excellent way of storing all those passwords without having to remember them.

If you’ve used it on your previous pc like I did, then you need to copy the file with all your passwords, otherwise you’ll have an empty safe.

F.lux: Ever looked at your computer at night and felt you were staring directly at the sun? Yeah, me too! Well, F.lux fixes this by adjusting the color scheme of your display. When the sun is up, it looks the same, but when its dark outside, then it removes a lot of the blue tints from your vision. This improves the strained feel of your eyes. Oh, and for those that do graphic work, you can turn it off too, for when you need to evaluate your art in normal conditions

7-zip: It’s like winZip, but better.

Notepad++: is a notepad replacement with support for different coding languages. (colored keywords and so on…)

Fiddler: is a tool which looks and records your network traffic. thus allowing you to debug websites, do performance testing, and manipulate packages and so on. A must have for every web developer.

Virtuawin: Do you want a setup with 16 screens, but without the cost and effort of actually buying and installing them.

Greenshot: Make your ‘Print Screen’-button usefull.

Developer software

Gimp/Photoshop: This will satisfy all my grafic needs.

Visual Studio: .net coding and so on (+ Resharper addon)

WebStorm: front-end coding environment. It’s like notepad++ on steroids.


I like to make my own theme with pictures of my family. In the background settings, select a map with pictures that you like, and then set the time to around 30 minutes.

Personalize the start button, add you favorite programs, and remove everything irrelevant.

The last thing I need to do is copy all my important files from my old pc to my new laptop. Luckily, most of my stuff was already on an external drive or in the cloud.